Splash Page vs Landing Page: Which One You Should Use?

If you are working in any institute like website development company, then it’s a common question ‘You want to educate yourself on Splash page vs landing pages? It’s something you will need to know to avoid the awkward silence when anyone asks you.

Just kidding, if you say ‘splash page’ when you actually mean ‘landing page’, no one will probably notice or care. But its good to know about the splash page vs landing page as both is not the same and there are a lot of types of pages like – home page, about-us page, landing page, squeeze page, service page, coming soon landing page, contact page, pricing page, etc.

After finish reading this post eventually, you will be able to create a splash page or landing page for you. So let’s start.

Difference Between Splash Page vs Landing Page

These two are different kinds of pages but both of them different purposes and very important for your website. Let’s check the splash page vs landing page difference from below.

Splash Page Landing Page
Most of the time it’s a short page. It might be a long or short page.
It’s not necessarily a standalone page. It is a standalone page.
A splash page can be created in a few minutes. Creating a landing page takes more time rather than creating a splash page.
A Splash page may convey preliminary messages. A Landing page comes with whole details.

What is a Landing Page

Splash Page vs Landing Page: Which One You Should Use? 1

A landing page is a certain type of page, where your visitors land while thy follow a specific link. It can be any of your product page or your home page. Most of the time, landing pages are used to educate visitors regarding specific services or products.

Why Landing Page is Necessary

To make a profit from a product or service, you require a landing page. Besides landing page helps you make more profit and helps increase the number of customers. It makes a bond of trust with your visitors and encourages your visitors to make a purchase from your site.

Now you might start thinking that landing pages are necessary if you have business only, but actually, it’s not true. You can also educate your visitors with the help of landing pages. If you don’t know how to make a lead or generate traffic, then the landing page can be your great ally.

How to Create a Landing Page Within Minutes

There are tons of WordPress landing page builders available on the internet, but if you want to finish in the quickest time, there is no option rather than WPOnepager. It comes with a lot of pro and free landing page templates and blocks.

Which is why I am using it here.

  • At first download and install WPOnepager on your WordPress site.
  • Add a new page and give a title to it.
  • Click the ‘Enable’ button.