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The most advanced & powerful Elementor Addons Kit that enhances your website 
building capabilities by adding more elements and layouts.

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Beautiful and feature rich Elementor widgets for your website

Advanced Customization

The first thing you notice in our plugin is focus on every details and huge customization options. Customize in your own way, keep the one that suits best on your site.

Full featured documentation

Proper documentation with details of every small things is provided with elementorkit. It will take only a minute to solve your problem by yourself, in case you stuck anywhere.

Clean coded decoration

With experience of WordPress development, we always try to provide quality provide. No redundant code is used on elementorkit, so you can work swiftly.

Drag & drop builder

No coding knowledge is needed! All you have to do is drag & drop, rest will managed automatically. If you can think, you will be able to build it with elementorkit.

Build Beautiful WordPress Websites Faster with WidgetKit For Elementor

WidgetKit has a vast collection of Powerful and Functional Elementor widgets. We understand the kind of functionality WordPress users need for building a perfect website.

All Elementor widgets in WidgetKit is made for build any website super-fast, attractive and user-friendly. No more worrying about writing custom code.

Elementor users Love WidgetKit


This plugin is a must for all those who wanna showcase the projects or portfolio and all. Since its a bundle of widgets with premium features, its a must for all.


This plugin is simply amazing. I cannot believe, but I am very happy, that it is FREE!


I did have a few questions and I used the developer’s online chat. Quickly and effective response. Good job!


I had a question about a feature to add for one of the widgets. The Developer responded back that they’d add it in a future update. It was updated 2 days later. Thank you!

Pro Widget Collection for Advance Users

Now you can create almost any kind of pages for your business using WordPress


Now you can create almost any kind of pages for your business using WordPress

Built by a Professional Team

If you’ve been around the block very long, you know that there’s one big risk when buying a theme or plugin from a small, new company: they could go out of business and stop providing updates, which means your website would quickly go out-of-date.

We maintain a fiercely loyal following of customers for one reason: we provide unbeatable support with frequent update of our products to make sure your website load faster and work smoother. We are a team of WordPress experts working since 2018..