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Professional Development

Lottie files element uses JSON library of Lottiefiles. Therer are thousands plus elegant animations available in the library done by prefessional designers. Pick up an animation and copy the JSON code of that animation and you are good to go with lottie animation. 


Grab attention without effecting speed of site

You have got only a few moments to grab the attention. Do it fast by putting life to your site with Lottie animations element. 


Lotties animaton doesn’t put hard load on your site’s server; therefore enjoy full performance.


Lottie animation uses lightweight JSON files  and it is not heavey as Videos, GIF’s or PNG images. 

High Quality

All the animation files of Lottiefiles comes in high quality, you don’t need to worry.

Don't get lost take

Control of your animation in your hand

WidgetKit installs instantly and you don’t need any additional setup to use Lottie animations. After setup customize the animation in the way you like, afterall you’re the owner. 

Custom animation option

From animation option to animation customization, make it go reverse or make it loop forever, its upto you.

Customizable Font, color, border, etc

When you choose your animation, you also get to choose preferred font, color, border, gradient, background and etc.

Build by professional developers

Crafted for Elementor Page Builder

Lottie animation comes with WidgetKit plugin; therefore relax as it is 100% compatible with Elmentor page builder. 

Advanced Options

Lottie animation comes with all the advanced options that modern animation's needed. And you will also be able to use all the functionalities of Elementor.

Full Compatibility

WidgetKit is already fully compatible with Elementor page builder that means you can blend your animations in the way you want.

Play with different types of interaction effects & amaze your visitors

Deliver the automated interaction with animation auto play

Auto play interaction doesn’t need any mouse hover or click , this type of animation is played automatically. 

Let users interact in your site with their own demand with On-Hover animation

Still graphics comes to live on mouse hover with hover animation effect of Lottie animation. 

Surprise your visitors with on-click animations

On click animation effect works upn the click of the mouse over the animation object. 

Visitors wants interaction give it to them with view-port animation

When visitor reaches a certain area, this animation will start animating. 

Know with us

How to Import?

It all takes just a few simple steps to import JSON files to your site. Follow below steps and do it now. 


Open browser and visit


Login/Sign Up with your Google account or any other way.


Search & Customize preferred Animation and Download JSON file.


Copy-Paste JSON code in Widget and Select appropriate Style for that.

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